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How to buy stone?
Scanned: Published:2017-08-08
Ceramic, stone ...
In the end how to choose it
Environmental protection, price, decoration effect
What are the differences?
Choose the difficulties and committed
Trouble trouble trouble
Ceramic, stone, decoration election which?
At present, with the improvement of quality of life, people for home improvement of environmental protection more and more stress. It is said that CCTV 2 sets have been a file commissioned by the national stone testing agencies made radioactive evaluation, the test report gives the conclusion that the radiation is far less than the glass and wood radiation! And only a quarter of the tiles! The
What are the characteristics of thousands of stone?
1. Stone is homogeneous natural materials, plasticity is extremely strong. But also because it is natural materials, stone lines are uneven, with poor color. So, there will be splicing out of the pattern differences and irregularities, some people like stone is the natural growth of the texture, but some people will feel posted bad mess, especially obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, a little can not receive.
2. Stone processing is relatively simple, you can customize the size. For example, you can do the decoration of the wall relief, shaped.
3. Stone is not renewable resources, so compared to the tiles to your. The most common are generally 400-1000 yuan per square meter, not on the cap, and according to the scarcity of stone, mining difficulty will have a greater difference.

4. Stone is the need for maintenance, in fact, most of the natural things need to be maintained, because it is not dense enough, there will be pores and cracks, if not maintenance will gradually become dim, and chemical reactions with oxygen and even produce Cracking and weathering. So need to do a polishing waxing every year, the price should be 50-80 yuan per square meter or so.
5. A wide variety of stone, from marble, granite, travertine, mica, and some jade. And the use of stone is very good durability, polishing is new.
Stone suitable for what kind of decoration crowd?
If it is a mansion, renovated once with the house for many years. Such as the big villa, the preferred stone, because the flowers can afford the money, but also pay the maintenance costs, and then can live in this house for a long time, and even found the house like a collection. For example, the European churches are mostly made of stone, everywhere blooming classical charm.

If you are an ordinary family, this time found the house with 10 years later, the other things are aging too. To be complete for another, for the stone to spend so much money simply no use. So it is recommended to use a large area of ​​tiles can be a small area can be used to decorate the point of stone, such as windowsill plate, the threshold of stone, play the role of the finishing point on it.
What is the thickness of stone better?
It is recommended to measure the size, and then determine their own specifications. Thickness: the ground as far as possible with 2 cm, for safety reasons, posted on the wall with 1.5-2 cm can be.
What should I pay attention to when the stone is installed? Will the wall be dropped?
1. Need to remind the construction team to do six closed.
2. Pavement with cement mortar on the ground.
3. The wall must use a special stone binder, otherwise it will really fall.
Special Note: If the height of more than 2.5 meters, such as the living room jump 6 meters, there are some top of the door, be sure to use dry or grouting construction practices, or a great security risk! The
Warm tips
Buy a stone in the transport to pay attention to what? Who will damage?
This is very important. Because the vast majority of losses are generated in the transport, so when the purchase, the compensation issue must be clear. The merchant is responsible for the loss of the transport process or the carrier is responsible. Also, must be sent to the home, not the cell door, nor is the floor! The The Or else to add money to move to the home.



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